Foundation Stallions

Over nearly five decades, Mulawa has been fortunate to stand several important and influential sires. Each Foundation Stallion, with his highly-valued genetic heritage and unique combination of desirable characteristics, has left a positive and lasting impact on the Mulawa breeding program as well as throughout leading programs around the world.

These are the stallions that were purposefully sought out to guide the program progressively forward. We are abundantly blessed with the enduring legacy and invaluable influence of these Foundation Stallions throughout every generation of the most accomplished and beloved Mulawa show and breeding horses.


Mulawa Foundation Sire 19 Jan 1972 - March 1985 Our Reason for Being ... When our interest in Arabians commenced, we began with a domestic bred stallion and a part-bred mare as pleasure horses. Our early experiences led us to a commitment to the Arabian breed that has spanned almost four decades. During those first years we traveled extensively to learn more about the breed. Business trips to the United Kingdom resulted in the importation of a number of mares of various bloodlines and type. However we had not yet seen the one horse around whom we could build a breeding farm. We traveled through Egypt, Europe, the UK and the United States in search of a herd sire, and in Scottsdale, Arizona at Lasma Arabians our search


MULAWA CHIEF SIRE Bred by Joyce DeWitt & Laura Cleaves | USA Imported 1996 US & Canadian National Champion Futurity Stallion FAME MAKER R has been a star on the Mulawa stallion roster since his arrival in 1996. Long admired by the Farrells since they had first seen him a two-year old when under the management of friend and mentor Gene Reichardt, FAME MAKER was purchased by fellow Australian David Westbrook of Nihal Arabians at the Arabco Auction during the Scottsdale Show. Greg & Julie were thrilled to know that FAME MAKER would be on his way to Australia, and generously offered their assistance in standing and promoting the stallion on home turf. A partnership was formed, one that created far reaching


MULAWA CHIEF SIRE Bred by Lorraine Humphrey ~ Gaslight Farm | USA Imported 1991 Always aware of the worldwide evolution and subtle changes over time in the Arabian industry, Mulawa began to notice a shift in international preference in the 1990s for a more exotic type of Arabian. Determined to be ahead of the curve, Mulawa very sagaciously began to seek out a more exotic element in a future herd sire, without sacrificing the essential qualities of correct structure, versatile functionality, kind temperaments and willing trainability prevalent throughout the herd. The first infusion of exotic type in the enlightened era came courtesy of GLF APOLLO, a paternal grandson of the revolutionary sire PADRON – US,


Mulawa LEGACY Sire 09 Jun 1998  - 23 Jan 2013 The Life, Legend & Legacy of MAGNUM FORTY FOUR Only rarely do distinctly disparate elements and circumstances converge to create profound opportunity – opportunity that in the end manifests itself as the catalyst for monumental change and fortune-altering progress. Only with time and perspective do we ever gain the awareness and understanding necessary to fully comprehend and appreciate this karmic convergence of good fortune. The story of the Arabian stallion MAGNUM FORTY FOUR is a dramatic account of such fortune, of fame achieved, prominence lost and distinction gained yet again, of chance and circumstance, of impact and influence, a tale played across


Mulawa Chief Sire Bred by Toni Salloum | Brazil Imported 1997 TS AL MALIK is unquestionably one of the most unique and important stallions that Mulawa has ever had the privilege to own.  Bred in Brazil, where he had been named unanimous National Junior Champion Stallion, TS AL MALIK was discovered at Midwest Training Center, while in preparation for the 1996 Scottsdale Show. Both Greg & Julie were immediately impressed – here was a stallion with size and substance, ideally conformed with wonderful scope, length of neck, smoothness and strength of design as well as with unmistakeable Arabian type, distinct aristocratic elegance and a commanding noble air. Before them was the Mulawa ideal – an impressively


MULAWA FOUNDATION SIRE 15 Jun 1980 -  30 Sep 2003 Born in UK quarantine in 1979 while awaiting exportation to Australia, VISION was a unique stallion, in both pedigree and character. VISION was amongst the first genration of the golden Polish-Egyptian cross, as a son of the pure Polish BANDOS daughter EUNI (full sister to legendary Polish chief sire EUKALIPTUS) and the straight Egyptian stallion JAMIL (a grandson of the immortal NAZEER and out of the equally legendary broodmatron HANAN). Not only was VISION acknowledged as one of the finest sons of JAMIL, he has since proven himself, like EUKALIPTUS before him, to be an invaluable sire of exceptional and influential broodmares.  VISION was a stallion of extreme


Mulawa Chief Sire 15 May 1982 - 13 July 2008  The year following after of the loss of AMBITON, Mulawa once again began to search for that special individual. Greg was determined to find a stallion who was himself a dynamic individual, yet had the genetic strength to cross well over the AMBITION daughters and the Mulawa foundation mares. He was looking for a stallion with an exceptional length of neck, a strong hip and a lot of leg, with great movement and a celebrated pedigree. The stallion destined to make a name for himself at Mulawa was WARRANTY.  A son of US National Champion stallion ALADDINN and US National Champion mare WIZJA, WARRANTY was an extremely stylish, well conformed individual of great quality, honestly