The Mulawa Community

The best part of us is the greater Mulawa Community - proud owners of Mulawa-bred horses who are succeeding in all fields of equine endeavour around the globe. Here we celebrate your success and honour your commitment to the Mulawa Family and to the Arabian horse. 

Mulawa Sunday Open Barn & Educational Day | 01 December 2019

The final Sunday Open Barn of 2019 is scheduled for 01 December, officially welcoming the start of summer! Commencing with the December Open Barn, these Sunday events will now include an educational segment. The inaugural educational segment will feature hands-on demonstrations with Team Mulawa covering the topic of “From Paddock to Polished: The Fundamentals of Proper Grooming & Show Preparation”. Schedule of Events: 10:30 AM | Gates Open 11:00 AM | Educational Demonstration 12:30 PM | Refreshments 13:30 PM | Presentation of Sale Horses We look forward to welcoming the equine Community to Mulawa for this special day of discovery, good company and great horses. RSVP Greatly Appreciated

A VISION in Aachen | Success at Europe's Premier Event

Congratulations to Sheikh Mohammad bin Saud Al Qasimi of Albidayer Stud, UAE on his continued success with A VISION MI August 2016  (Allegiance MI x Always Valentine MI by DA Valentino) Twelfth-Generation Mulawa-Bred International Champion Member of the M ANGELIQUE Family Bronze Champion Junior Filly | All Nations Cup 2019 Success at the All Nations Cup at any level, in the company of the most elite horses and most respected breeders from all around the world, is amongst the greatest honours and aspirations in our modern breed. Congratulations to all the worthy winners who gathered together in Aachen to showcase the best of what the Arabian horse can and should be. A special thank you to Glenn Schoukens, Jessie

NSW State Titles 2019 | Mulawa Community Success

While the focus of the international Arabian Community is firmly attuned to the All Nations Cup in Aachen this weekend, a small, but incredibly high quality, collection of Arabian horses from the Eastern States gathered together in rural Sydney for the 2019 NSW State Titles. Several Mulawa-bred & related horses competed for top honours, adding considerable cache to their expanding show credentials. Saturday proved to be an absolutely perfect spring day, featuring the purebred halter classes in the afternoon. Though quantity was modest, quality was unquestionably high, with worthy contenders in every single division. The final line-up of senior mares was especially impressive, with former East

In Memoriam | FLAME MAKER

20 August 2000 - 26 September 2019   It is with tremendous sadness that we share the news of the passing of  FLAME MAKER (Fame Maker R x Mulawa Kara Mia MI by GLF Apollo). FLAME MAKER was humanely laid to rest at Alabama Stud on Thursday following a protracted illness.   A three-time Australian National Champion, FLAME MAKER was an immensely popular competitor, still beloved by adoring fans all across Australia as one of the most inspiring and unforgettable show horses in the modern era. Bearing a remarkable resemblance to his sire FAME MAKER R , the late legendary show horse & sire who was laid to rest in April of this year, FLAME MAKER was also the most high profile son of MULAWA KARA MIA MI , an Elite Aristocrat Dam

MI MATILDA | Waltzing onto the Global Stage

Congratulations to Abdulaziz Ali RH Hobouna of Qatar on the purchase of  MI MATILDA January 2018  (Emerald J x Mustang's Magnum by Magnum Forty Four) First-Generation Mulawa-Bred Champion Member of the SAHTARAH Family   2018 National Stud Show Champion Yearling Filly   We are proud to welcome Abdulaziz Ali RH Hobouna from Qatar to the international Mulawa Community with the addition of this exceptional young filly to his new programme. A special thank you to Greg & Nancy Gallun, Andrew Sellman and the Sahara Scottsdale Team for their consummate professional assistance and for bringing more EMERALD J & MUSTANG'S MAGNUM magic to the world stage.    

KONFIRM MI | 2nd Place Finish in the President's Cup

Endurance News from Thailand!   2nd Place (80 km) | President's Cup 2019 KONFIRM MI December 2012 Grey Gelding (Konfidence MI x Mulawa Aspiring by Magnum Forty Four) Sixth-Generation Mulawa-Bred Athlete Member of the JIAH ASPIRE Family Proudly Owned by Prutirat R. Serireongrith Ridden by Wipawan Pawitayalarp   A son of Australian National halter winners -Champion Senior Mare  MULAWA ASPIRING and Reserve Champion Yearling Colt KONFIDENCE MI , KONFIRM, a holiday gift born on Christmas Day back in 2012, is proving himself the consummate athlete in the demanding sport of endurance with The Horses Team! Congratulations to everyone involved on KONFIRM's inaugural start to a very promising career.

The Incontrovertible TRUTH MI | Australian National Gold Champion

Congratulations to Mr. Zengli Han of Wuji County Han Yi Equestrian Club, China, on his most recent success with TRUTH MI August 2016 (Allegiance MI x DM Marcedes True Love by RHR Marcedes) Fifth-Generation Mulawa-Bred Gold Champion Member of the TRUE LOVE Family   Unanimous Australian National Gold Champion Junior Colt | 2019   East Coast Champion Junior Colt | 2019 National Stud Show Champion Junior Colt | 2018   We look forward to many years of happiness & reward ahead for TRUTH in China!    

Farewell FAME MAKER R | 02 June 1989 – 20 April 2019

02 June 1989 - 20 April 2019 During this holiday season of hope & rebirth, it is with immense sadness that we share the news of the passing of  FAME MAKER R with the worldwide Arabian horse community. Introduced to the Mulawa programme in 1996, FAME MAKER will long be remembered as the quintessential show horse, commanding the ring as no other horse before or after with his superlative balance & structure, his powerfully animated athleticism, his trademark ‘flag unfurled’ tail carriage, and his ‘I dare you to look away’ magnetic presence. With Greg Farrell at the lead and barely a foot on the ground whenever in motion, FAME MAKER completed his show career with three successive championship wins at the

The Mulawa Community Welcomes the Eriksson Family

Congratulations to the Eriksson Family on the purchase of BALMAIN MI August 2018 Bay Gelding (Kommand MI x Bree MI by Allegiance MI) Eighth-Generation Mulawa-Bred Male Member of the LLC BRIANA Family Proudly Owned by Patricia Eriksson ATTACHE MI August 2018 Grey Gelding (Advise MI x Kache MI by Konfidence MI) Fourteenth-Generation Mulawa-Bred Male  Member of the MULAWA CHANCE Family Proudly Owned by Cecilia Eriksson We are delighted to welcome the Eriksson Family - Patricia, Cecilia & Curtis - to the Mulawa Community. We look forward to many years of happiness & reward ahead for all you!

Golden Success in Dubai | A VISION MI

Congratulations to Sheikh Mohammed bin Saud Al Qasimi & Al Bidayer Stud on their continued extraordinary success with A VISION MI August 2016  (Allegiance MI x Always Valentine MI by DA Valentino) Twelfth-Generation Mulawa-Bred Gold Champion Member of the M ANGELIQUE Family Proudly Owned & Shown by Al Bidayer Stud | UAE DIAHC Gold Champion Junior Filly Highest Scoring Junior Filly with Glenn Schoukens  This prestigious triumph follows closely on the heals of A VISION's debut at the Sharjah International Show, where she was awarded her first Gold Junior Filly Championship in the UAE. It gives us great pleasure to see A VISION thriving in her new home under the exceptional care and guidance of Team

Celebrating the Mulawa Community | 2019 AANC

The greatest pleasure we gain, year after year, is celebrating the success of the Mulawa Community members across all disciplines and endeavours. Congratulations to each and every member of the Mulawa Community on your success, and your continued dedication and commitment to the Arabian horse. You make this experience richer and more rewarding for everyone!  ~ The Farrell Family & Team Mulawa    

A Golden Debut for A VISION MI

Congratulations to Sheikh Mohammed bin Saud Al Qasimi & Al Bidayer Stud on their success with A VISION MI August 2016  (Allegiance MI x Always Valentine MI by DA Valentino) Twelfth-Generation Mulawa-Bred Gold Champion Member of the M ANGELIQUE Family Proudly Owned & Shown by Al Bidayer Stud | UAE A VISION MI, in her debut in the United Arab Emirates under the Al Bidayer banner, was named first place in section A of Three Year Old Fillies at the Sharjah International with a respectable score of 92.38, including six 20's for Type as well as Head & Neck. In an incredibly competitive Junior Filly Championship, A VISION earned Gold Champion honours for Al Bidayer with a resounding affirmation from the

The Awe-Inspiring Daughters of AUDACIA

Congratulations to the amazing daughters of the the late great AUDACIA , who have continued to light up the show rings of Australia over the past two weekends. Firstly, we celebrate the indomitable  AMBER MI , AUDACIA's 2013 daughter by WH JUSTICE, who won her third State Championship in Western Australia for proud owner Kylie Rees. With her latest accolade as Champion Mare Four to Seven Years of Age, AMBER now has seven impressive titles to her credit, making her the most successful purebred show mare in her home state, not to mention in all of Australia. AMBER's major competition for winningest mare in the country is none other than older sister MI APHRODITE , born in 2011 and sired by GUILIANO, a show ring sensation

2019 Australian Arabian National Championships | Mulawa Community Results

Immense congratulations are due the Mulawa Community on an extraordinary week at the Australian Arabian National Championships at Boneo Park. Well done to all the breeders, owners, handlers, riders & exhibitors on your success and achievements! Gold Champion Arabian Senior Mare | unanimous VENECIA MI October 2014 | Grey Mare (Allegiance MI x Valentine MI by DA Valentino) Fifth-Generation Mulawa-Bred Gold Champion Member of the VALENTINE MI Family   Gold Champion Arabian Junior Filly | unanimous High Scoring Female Exhibit KLASSICAL FAME MI September 2015 | Grey Mare (Klass x Forever Fame by Fame Maker R) Fifth-Generation Mulawa-Bred Gold Champion Member of the DZINA Family Gold Champion Arabian

ROMANCE MI | Scottsdale Senior Mare Championship

In an inspiring international debut, ROMANCE MI once again proved why she is one of the most accomplished and universally admired mares in the breed. She brings her commanding charisma and remarkably complete package of desirable attributes to the Senior Mare Championship on Sunday morning with Andrew Sellman for Mulawa. Scottsdale Class Winner| Senior Mares Aged 8 & Older ROMANCE MI October 2009 (Magnum Forty Four x Rimaraa by Marwan Al Shaqab) First-Generation Mulawa-Bred Gold Champion Member of the RIMARAA Family Three-Time Australian National Gold Champion Australasian Breeders Cup Gold Champion Australasian Breeders Cup | Highest Scoring Exhibit NSW State Titles Supreme Champion East

KAVALLE MI | Scottsdale Senior Stallion Championship

KAVALLE MI is prepared to repeat his commanding performance on Sunday morning in the Senior Stallion Championship for proud owners Joanne & Ram Gunabalan. Already a three-time Scottsdale winner, undefeated in his age group competition on each appearance, KAVALLE is poised to take on the best competitors in the industry to claim the ultimate prize of Scottsdale Senior Champion Stallion.   Scottsdale Class Winner 2018 | Senior Stallions Aged Seven & Older 2015 | Senior Stallions Four Years Old 2014 | Senior Stallions Three Years Old KAVALLE MI October 2011 (Gazal Al Shaqab x Karess by Magnum Forty Four) Third-Generation Mulawa-Bred National Champion Member of the  KARMAA Family Proudly Owned

Senior Success at Scottsdale | ROMANCE MI & KAVALLE MI

It is with great pleasure that we share inspiring news from snowy Scottsdale. On Friday morning, 22 nd February, Mulawa-bred horses achieved a rare clean sweep of both senior halter classes, for Arabians Aged 8 & Older, the final two breeding qualifiers for Sunday’s championship.  In a small but high quality class of Senior Mares, three-time Australian National Gold Champion ROMANCE MI made her international debut in her trademark show-stopping style: snorting, tail flagged, driving with power and animation at the trot, in total command of the ring. With Andrew Sellman at the lead, ROMANCE dominated the competition with confident ease, proving to her largest audience to date exactly why she is Australia’s

MI MATILDA | Magnificence in the Making

An extraordinary opportunity from the family of MUSTANG'S MAGNUM  - Ready to WALTZ onto the World Stage... MI MATILDA 02 January 2018 (Emerald J x Mustang's Magnum by Magnum Forty Four) First-Generation Mulawa-Bred Champion Member of the SAHTARAH Family Featured in the  Marquise Invitational  | Lot 2 22 February 2019 | Westworld Scottsdale Arizona

Bringing ROMANCE to Scottsdale

Proud to bring ROMANCE to the international stage... ROMANCE MI October 2009  (Magnum Forty Four x Rimaraa by Marwan Al Shaqab) First-Generation Mulawa-Bred Gold National Champion Member of the RIMARAA Family Australian National Champion Yearling Filly | 2011 Australian National Champion Junior Filly | 2012 Australian National Gold Champion Senior Mare | 2018 The First Mare in Arabian Breed History to win all three age groups at the Australian National Championships   The Most Celebrated Show Mare in Australia Makes her International Debut Scottsdale Classic Senior Mare | Aged 8 & Older with Andrew Sellman


20 January 2007 - 20 February 2019 It is with great sadness that we bid farewell to our beautiful foundation mare SUGARLOAF SIRHARA , who passed away quietly this morning after suffering from acute colic. We thank our team and veterinary staff for attending to her so diligently and taking every measure to ensure that she had the very best of care. Bred by Lynn and Malcolm Gilbert of Sugarloaf Stables, Victoria, SIRHARA came to Mulawa Performance as a two year old filly. From the age of four this bright young mare was successfully campaigned by Daniella Dierks, with the pair earning remarkable accolades - including the title of Champion of Champions at the 2012 PSI Dressage and Jumping With the Stars. After SIRHARA’s