Foundation Mares


Tail Female Dam Line: MURANA I or. Ar. (1808) Imported to Germany (King Wilhelm I of Wurttemburg) from the Arabian Peninsula (1816) MULAWA FOUNDATION MARE 19 Apr 1977 -  1 Jun 2006 Bred by Paul & Sandra Loeber ~ Plum Grove Arabians | USA Imported 1985 Another of the American imports that has thrived on Australian soil is the family of US National Champion Futurity Mare AMURATH BEGUILE, imported in 1984. Strongly influenced by her exceptional Egyptian and Polish heritage, BEGUILE was most importantly a member of the legendary dam family of the Marbach-bred SANACHT, Arabian Aristocrat dam of 12 champions and designated one of the ten most important dams of the 20th century. BEGUILE continued her illustrious


Tail Female Dam Line: SZWEYKOWSKA   (~1800) Bred by Slawuta Stud - Prince Roman Sanguszko | Poland MULAWA FOUNDATION MARE Bred by Don Manuel Arabians | USA Imported 2010 Introduced at the beginning of the current decade to expand the breadth of the Mulawa breeding program, DM MARCEDES TRUE LOVE has more than exceeded expectations with a string of superlative quality foals. Through her National Champion sire RHR MARCEDES, TRUE LOVE broadens the influence of invaluable sires MARWAN AL SHAQAB, ALI JAMAAL & BEY SHAH at Mulawa. Her lovely dam, GR KATALINA, further strengthens her genetic value by adding PADRONS PSYCHE, KAIYOUM, KHEMOSABI, NEGATRAZ and three crosses to the incomparable BASK. Tail-female,


Tail Female Dam Line: UKRAINKA   (~1815) Bred by Slawuta Stud - Prince Roman Sanguszko | Poland MULAWA FOUNDATION MARE 18 Mar 1972 - 0 1 Jul 2002 Bred by Lasma Arabians | USA Imported 1976 | USA The pure Polish Lasma bred DZINA, AMBITION’s travel partner to Oz, has secured a legacy through several good daughters. Most of these females, including MULAWA FANTASY, MULAWA FANTASIA, ENCHANTE & ENVISION, went on to produce an enduring legacy of champions both at home and abroad. A DZINA great-grandson (through the Mulawa-bred FEATURE) - East Coast & National Chammpion WANTED KE - has since become the most significant contributor to the DZINA success story well into the eighth generation. His daughter, MULAWA


Tail Female Dam Line: SAHARA or. Ar. (1835) Grey Kuhaylah-Moradiyah Imported to Poland (Jarczowce Stud - Count Juliusz Dzieduszycki) from the Arabian Peninsula  (1845) Mulawa Foundation Mare 15 Jan 1973 -  1 Jan 1998 Bred by Janow Podlaski State Stud | Poland Imported 1980  One of the most significant early finds on the purposeful international quest was initiated to find superlative brood mares that would complement the new chief sire AMBITION in the earliest days of Mulawa was EUNI (Bandos x Eunice by Comet). This six year old royally bred beauty from Janow Podlaski, a full sister to Polish legends Eukaliptus & Europa, EUNI was then residing at Dr. Nagel`s Katarinenhof Stud in Germany. To Mulawa`s


Tail Female Dam Line: DAFINA or. Ar. (1921) Bred by Mutayr Tribe ~ Arabian Peninsula Imported to United Kingdom (Crabbet Park - Lady Wentworth) from the Saudi Arabia  (1927) MULAWA FOUNDATION MARE 27 October 1993 - 0 7 June 2009   ARISTOCRAT DAM | FIVE CHAMPIONS Bred by Linda Jenkins | NSW A great-grandaughter of one of the original British imports, JIAH ASPIRE represents essentially four generations of Mulawa breeding. Bred by family friends Linda and John Jenkins who purchased her dam from Mulawa, JIAH ASPIRE found her way back to the program as one of the eldest and most important daughters of GLF APOLLO. Although this family is one of the smallest on the farm, in only ten years of production the descendants have


Tail Female Dam Line: RODANIA or. Ar. (1869) Bred by Ibn Rodan |  Ruala Tribe ~ Anazeh Bedouin Imported to United Kingdom (Crabbet Park - Lady Anne Blunt) from the Arabian Peninsula (1881) Mulawa Foundation Mare 30 March 1986 - 05 January 2014 ARISTOCRAT DAM | SEVEN CHAMPIONS Bred by Jay & Dorothy Stream | USA Imported 1988 A Tribute to the Queen of Mulawa Only when reflecting back across decades of lives lived, loves lost, triumphs realized, tragedy endured, obstacles overcome and serendipitous circumstances celebrated does one truly realize the profound influence of those special individuals who have impacted our world. In all of our lives there has been that once-in-a-lifetime horse, whose presence


Mulawa Foundation Mare Imported 2010 | USA Bred by Claire & Margaret Larson | USA


Mulawa Foundation Mare Imported 1982 09 January 1982 - 15 July 2016 As the only foreign member of the ALADDINN syndicate, Mulawa leased several Lasma broodmares in the early 80's to breed to the emerging and now legendary sire. One of those was the Pure Polish JF GAZELLA, who produced from the lease the athletic and well constructed LM MAGICS GIFT, so named for the Lasma and Mulawa alliance. Imported as a yearling, MAGICS GIFT introduced a crucial dam family to the Mulawa program, tracing most meaningfully tail-female to celebrated Janow Podlaski matron ARFA, eldest full sister to BASK. She proved a good cross with VISION, giving the valuable daughter PERCEPTION. Two of PERCPETION’s daughters by PARKVIEW AUDACIOUS


Tail Female Dam Line: ZULIMA or. Ar. (1901) Imported to Spain (Yeguada Militar) from Turkey (1905) MULAWA FOUNDATION MARE Bred by Walter Mishek | USA Imported 2010 As one of the last of the American-bred daughters of PADRONS PSYCHE, LOVE POTION M enhances the Mulawa breeding program with the qualities of her legendary sire. Feminine, exotic and substantially conformed, LOVE POTION embodies the best attributes of the most beloved daughters of PADRONS PSYCHE. Her beautiful head, lean elegantly shaped neck, long laid back shoulder and solid well designed limbs are all hallmarks of the PSYCHE influence in the Arabian breed. LOVE POTION's worth is further substantiated through the genetic contribution of


Tail Female Dam Line: DAJANIA or. Ar. (1876) Bred by Mohammed Pasha | Syria Imported to United Kingdom (Crabbet Park - Lady Anne Blunt) from Syria  (1878) Mulawa Foundation Mare 06 Sep 1986 - 0 1 Sep 2009 ARISTOCRAT DAM | SEVEN CHAMPIONS First-Generation Mulawa-Bred Champion The Ascension of an Australian ANGEL An Australian success story from beginning to end, the tale of Mulawa foundation mare M ANGELIQUE is one entrenched in the very foundation of Arabian horse activity on the continent. An intertwining of the ambition and efforts of many of Australia’s most successful and influential breeders and horsepeople, her modern-day tale of triumph is firmly established in the continental ideal of a creating


Tail Female Dam Line: RODANIA or. Ar. (1869) Bred by Ibn Rodan |  Ruala Tribe ~ Anazeh Bedouin Imported to United Kingdom (Crabbet Park - Lady Anne Blunt) from the Arabian Peninsula (1881) Mulawa Foundation Mare 17 Nov 1982 -  16 Dec 2015 ARISTOCRAT DAM | FIVE CHAMPIONS Second-Generation Mulawa-Bred Champion The story of MULAWA CHANCE is very much the reflection of the natural evolution of Mulawa Arabian Stud, from its modest beginnings as a family-farm in rural Sydney to its modern-day ambition, international aspirations, and significant intercontinental achievement. An imposing presence at the Stud as both a beloved family and farm favorite as well as a remarkably reliable breeding powerhouse, MULAWA


Tail Female Dam Line: MLECHA or. Ar. (1840) Imported to Poland (Jarczowce Stud - Count Juliusz Dzieduszycki) from the Arabian Peninsula  (1845) Mulawa Foundation Mare Bred by Cottonwood Creek Arabians | USA Imported 2009 Most recently, new mare lines were added to Mulawa through individual introduction of first-class females with the intent of establishing new dam families of merit within the broadening scope of the breeding program. The new wave of Mulawa mare imports included an important addition in 2008 in the form of PRINCIPESSA CCA. An imposing and exotic daughter of the late significant sire VERSACE, PRINCIPESSA possesses all his considerable nobility, smoothness and substance. Her body and


Tail Female Dam Line: RODANIA or. Ar. (1869) Bred by Ibn Rodan |  Ruala Tribe ~ Anazeh Bedouin Imported to United Kingdom (Crabbet Park - Lady Anne Blunt) from the Arabian Peninsula (1881) Retired Broodmare In Residence at Alabama Stud | NSW MULAWA FOUNDATION MARE ARISTOCRAT DAM | SIX CHAMPIONS Bred by Laraine McKenzie | VIC Like her invaluable daughter MUSTANG'S MAGNUM, SAHTARAH came to influence the Mulawa program through the friendship of Phil & Kay Edward. With both mares, a partnership between Mulawa & Shane Edward Arabians has resulted in several of the most important and accomplished horses of the new generation. Genotypically, SAHTARAH represents the best blend of Egyptian, Polish, Crabbett


Tail Female Dam Line: JELLABIET FEYSUL or. Ar. (1842) Bred by the Ajman Tribe |  Arabian Peninsula Imported to Egypt (Abbas Pasha) from Mohammed Ibn Al Khalifa | Bahrain  (1846) MULAWA FOUNDATION MARE Foundress of the VALENTINE MI  Family Dam of Distinction Bred by Shellbird Inc ~ Michele Pfieffer | USA Imported 2009


MULAWA FOUNDATION MARE IMPORTED 2009 | USA  Bred by Jane Bruce Wilder & Joy D Cox | USA  W ALEGRIA was discovered in the United States with the assitance and expert guidance of friend and horseman Gene Reichardt. A classic and exotic mare of exceptional femininity and smoothness, ALEGRIA was purchased to introduce the strength of her universally respected and intense RAFFLES/ FERZON/ SKOWRONEK heritage into the program. With both an important Gainey and Spanish heritage, ALEGRIA is expected to add extreme type, large luminous eyes, exceptional quality and her classic, authentic Arabian look. Thus far her foals have been exceptional, exceeding expectations with ever sire to which she has been bred. Exotic