Sahtarah Family

Like her invaluable daughter MUSTANG'S MAGNUM, SAHTARAH came to influence the Mulawa program through the friendship of Phil & Kay Edward. With both mares, a partnership between Mulawa & Shane Edward Arabians has resulted in several of the most important and accomplished horses of the new generation.

Genotypically, SAHTARAH represents the best blend of Egyptian, Polish, Crabbett & Kellogg bloodlines, with a healthy infusion of breed pillars BASK, NAZEER, FADJUR & SKOWRONEK in her pedigree. Beauty, balance and athleticism are all attributes which the SAHTARAH descendants possess in abundance.

SAHTARAH has proven herself as the dam of several champions, her best by MAGNUM FORTY FOUR. She has also proven an excellent cross with Mulawa chief sires KLASS & GUILIANO. With MUSTANG'S MAGNUM and her daughters paving the way to greatness, we look forward to the SAHTARAH influence in the Mulawa breeding program evolving with great significance in the decades ahead.