In Memoriam

Honouring those horses who have given the best of themselves to our breed, to our lives and to a lasting legacy...

Farewell to the Iconic Arabian Ambassador | ALLEGIANT MI

04 September 2011 – 06 May 2024 The Arabian community lost one of its greatest ambassadors with the untimely passing of ALLEGIANT MI  due to colic complications. The prize progeny of his beloved dam MI ANGEL  (by TS Al Malik), ALLEGIANT was a marquee member of the venerated family of ‘Angels’ and uber-athletes that descend from the cornerstone dam family of Mulawa foundation mare M ANGELIQUE  (Vision x Abanda by Banderol).       His arrival in the early Spring of 2011 almost thirteen years ago ushered in an unprecedented wave of change, acclaim and achievement for Mulawa and the Arabian breed in Australia. Aptly named, ALLEGIANT was the very first foal of the young, then unknown junior sire ALLEGIANCE MI  (out of


11 November 1997 - 22 July 2023 One of the most cherished horses at Mulawa was laid to rest on Saturday. OWENDALE LEMON TWIST, beloved throughout the equine community as simply ‘TWISTER’, enjoyed his final afternoon on a wonderfully warm and sunny winter day surrounded by those who loved him most. Purchased in 2005 for a young Kate Farrell (then 10 years old), TWISTER was already a highly accomplished show horse at the highest level of open competition in Australia at eight years of age. With Kate in the saddle, TWISTER began competing at Arabian events, first as an Arabian Riding Pony, and later as an Arabian Pony, accruing eight Australian National Championships in just two years. In successive years, TWISTER

The Enduring Legacy of PERCEPTION

16 August 1991 - 04 October 2022 The eldest matron in residence at Alabama was peacefully laid to rest this morning after thirty-one glorious years of life. Although she was the last remaining member of  LM MAGICS GIFT Family still at Mulawa, her impact on the breed both in Australia and around the world continues to unfold positively and profoundly. With the closest genetic links to Mulawa’s celebrated foundation sires and dams,  PERCEPTION was the product of breed pillars and essential imports VISION (Jamil x Euni by Bandos) and LM MAGICS GIFT (Aladdinn x JF Gazella by Gay Orzel), the former from Hans Nagel’s Katarinenhof in Germany, and the latter from the Lacroix Family’s Lasma Stud in the USA. Shown successfully


13 October 1993 – 13 December 2021 ALIHA BINT NIZR (Anaza El Nizr x Warrayna Baskette by Baskeri) Bred by Axel Renz Proudly Owned & Loved by Parkview Arabians It is with a very heart that we share the news of the passing of our beloved ALIHA BINT NIZR. Laid peacefully to rest on Monday morning at Alabama Stud, ALIHA was the cornerstone matron of the Parkview programme. Sagaciously purchased by the Bonney family as a weanling, ALIHA would become not only the very first Australian National Champion to be shown by a then teenaged Cameron, but the dam of two of the most popular, accomplished and influential stallions in Australia in the new millennium.  For Jayna & Cameron, ALIHA’s greatest gift has been the incomparable

GLF APOLLO Tribute | TABM Collector's Edition

The Arabian Breeders' Magazine  very generously featured a tribute to the recently departed GLF APOLLO in the 2020 Collector's Edition, just released in December. A special thank you to editor & publisher Samantha Mattocks for affording us the opportunity to share the story of his extraordinary life and his profound impact on the lives of so many with the international Arabian Community. GLF APOLLO Tribute | A Life of Infinite Reward with the Arabian Horse   The 20 th of March 2020 – an unseasonably cool and blustery, threateningly dark and damp Friday morning. Little did anyone realise, absorbed in our festive mood on this momentous occasion, that Mother Nature was sending us all a profoundly clear signal

Farewell TS AL MALIK | 09 December 1992 – 15 January 2020

It is with tremendous sorrow that we share with the global Arabian Community the passing of  TS AL MALIK (Hello Barich ELS x BF Tiffany Select by BF Rageymazon). A beloved international icon who illuminated show rings with his masculine power and charisma on three continents as Australian & Brazilian National Champion, as well as a Scottsdale Reserve Champion, MALIK is best remembered as an invaluable Mulawa chief sire since his arrival to Australia in 1998. Bred in Brazil by Toni Salloum, MALIK was blessed with a unique combination of Spanish, Gainey, Raffles, Polish and Egyptian bloodlines, the infusion of which into the Mulawa programme has reaped infinite reward since the arrival of his first foal,

In Memoriam | FLAME MAKER

20 August 2000 - 26 September 2019   It is with tremendous sadness that we share the news of the passing of  FLAME MAKER (Fame Maker R x Mulawa Kara Mia MI by GLF Apollo). FLAME MAKER was humanely laid to rest at Alabama Stud on Thursday following a protracted illness.   A three-time Australian National Champion, FLAME MAKER was an immensely popular competitor, still beloved by adoring fans all across Australia as one of the most inspiring and unforgettable show horses in the modern era. Bearing a remarkable resemblance to his sire FAME MAKER R , the late legendary show horse & sire who was laid to rest in April of this year, FLAME MAKER was also the most high profile son of MULAWA KARA MIA MI , an Elite Aristocrat Dam

Farewell FAME MAKER R | 02 June 1989 – 20 April 2019

02 June 1989 - 20 April 2019 During this holiday season of hope & rebirth, it is with immense sadness that we share the news of the passing of  FAME MAKER R with the worldwide Arabian horse community. Introduced to the Mulawa programme in 1996, FAME MAKER will long be remembered as the quintessential show horse, commanding the ring as no other horse before or after with his superlative balance & structure, his powerfully animated athleticism, his trademark ‘flag unfurled’ tail carriage, and his ‘I dare you to look away’ magnetic presence. With Greg Farrell at the lead and barely a foot on the ground whenever in motion, FAME MAKER completed his show career with three successive championship wins at the


20 January 2007 - 20 February 2019 It is with great sadness that we bid farewell to our beautiful foundation mare SUGARLOAF SIRHARA , who passed away quietly this morning after suffering from acute colic. We thank our team and veterinary staff for attending to her so diligently and taking every measure to ensure that she had the very best of care. Bred by Lynn and Malcolm Gilbert of Sugarloaf Stables, Victoria, SIRHARA came to Mulawa Performance as a two year old filly. From the age of four this bright young mare was successfully campaigned by Daniella Dierks, with the pair earning remarkable accolades - including the title of Champion of Champions at the 2012 PSI Dressage and Jumping With the Stars. After SIRHARA’s

AUDACIA Tribute in Studs & Stallions

Mulawa is pleased to share the story of the late great AUDACIA, recently published in the 2018 Arabian Studs & Stallions. A beloved matriarch who left an extraordinary legacy of success for both Mulawa & the Arabian breed, AUDACIA is rightly celebrated as an Aristocrat Dam of incomparable merit.    AUDACIA - A Tribute | Online Feature at A special thank you to David Gillett & the Vink Publishing Team for including the AUDACIA Tribute in the annual Studs & Stallions issue. We look forward to celebrating her enduring influence at every level of the Arabian horse industry worldwide. The best is undoubtedly yet to come...