TESTIMONIALS | An International Perspective

“Today, one of the things I appreciate more than almost anything as I travel the world to look at horses is an owner’s dedication and knowledge about the horses they are breeding. Of course I appreciate any person who is out there spending their resources, both in time and money to create beautiful horses, but when a program is represented by six and seven generations with an owner being able to speak to each of those generations, that is really exciting to me. And such is Mulawa. Time spent with the Farrells ensures an intelligent conversation, coupled with answers as to ‘why’?"
"Looking at these pictures transport me back to a wonderful time at a wonderful place and with wonderful people! What a great memory. I continue to have enthusiastic conversations about your horses and your program."

Michael Byatt | USA
Michael Byatt Arabians

"The Farrells – Greg, Julie, Jane & the entire family – are truly some of the most generous and genuine people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Their attention to detail, from the world-class facilities and their talented, dedicated staff, to their cutting-edge breeding program comprised of some of the most breathtaking horses in the world, Mulawa Arabian Stud is an absolute ‘do-not-miss’ destination, and one of the most rewarding places to visit in this global community of the Arabian horse."

Keith Krichke | USA
Krichke Training Center

"Mulawa, what a paradise to visit! These would be the first words that come into my mind. For me it is for sure a “must see and must visit destination”. I have had the honour to visit them twice already and both times were very memorable. Looking at Greg’s amazing collection of the past US Nationals videos was a great night! Great hospitality, beautiful horses, a well thought-out breeding program and a scenery that is beyond your dreams.
The Farrells have one of the best breeding programs in the world. I have deep respect for Greg, Julie and Jane for their long-term commitment, belief, enthusiasm and love for the Arabian horse.  I loved their horses, the farm and all of the staff. Most of all their involvement with the Arabian horse and their hospitality are second to none. Everybody in the Arabian horse world should take the time to visit this wonderful place - I already look forward to my next visit!"

Tom Schoukens | Belgium
Schoukens International Training Centre


"I have had the privilege to be around KLASS and his offspring quite a bit. The thought that remains with me after seeing them is that they have tremendous Arabian type with exceptional correctness! KLASS and his foals are also very athletic and usable as performance horses with great feet and legs. This is a unique combination. I'm a fan! The KLASS daughters are extremely special - I would be honoured to accompany all these mares into the ring anytime, anyplace!
I have tremendous respect for the Farrel's and everything going on at Mulawa! They have great foresight and their intelligence with how they choose their employees and how they make their decisions for their program are as thoughtful as I've seen in this industry."

Andrew Sellman | USA
Argent Farms

"I have been involved in Arabian horses for over 30 years and have been all over the world. I can say without a doubt that one of the biggest treats in my life was a visit with friends Greg, Julie and Jane Farrell at Mulawa Arabians in Australia. I was exposed to the famous Aussie Hospitality and had an opportunity to see the amazing farms and the incredible horses that make up the Mulawa herd, from top Arabian breeding and show horses to one of the best Dressage and performance programs in Australia. They really have it all, and the horses truly live in complete paradise under the special care of their amazing staff, who really are just extensions of their extended family. I am not sure I have ever seen anything like this in all my travels; the people are valued as much as the horses that they care for. It is truly remarkable to see how this facility operates and should be bench-marked for all others to follow. A visit to world of Mulawa is a must for anyone involved in Arabian horses. The grand experience will leave you wanting to visit this great country time and time again."

Scott Bailey | USA
arabhorse.com | Knight Media Networks


"I have known Greg, Julie and Jane for about 30 years having met them while judging in Australia. I was immediately impressed with the quality of the horses at Mulawa and the integrity of the Farrells. Their knowledge of good livestock and willingness to keep an open mind has enabled them to acquire and use some outstanding mares and stallions in their breeding program. As a result they have consistently produced top quality Arabian horses that can win both halter and performance anywhere in the world. I feel very honoured to have sold them numerous stallions over the past 20+ years that have been very successful show horses in Australia. Most important however is how the Farrells used effectively in their program. Many of them became leading sires in Australia such as GLF Apollo , Fame Maker R and Magnum Forty Four. Recently they have purchased several outstanding mares as foundation mares and are integrating them into their already successful program. All this is possible because of their knowledge, integrity, hard work and devotion to breeding the top Arabian horses. I truly treasure their friendship as do all who know them."

Gene Reichardt | USA
Gene Reichardt Training

"For most of my adult life I had the best job in the world as the “voice of the Arabian horse”.  I first learned of Mulawa in the early 1980’s when I introduced the only imported *Bask++ child, *Mulawa Fantasia, at a major American sale.  As you would expect, she was beautiful and sold very well.  When I was invited to MC a major production sale at Mulawa in 1984, I was excited to be headed to Australia and I was sure I would see exceptional Arabian horses.  We attended the Australian Championships, some 1400 horses strong, and we cheered as a Mulawa mare was named National Champion.  The sale was well done and set some Australian records, but more to the point, I learned that owner Greg Farrell was remarkably knowledgeable and successful breeder. One of the greatest benefits I have received from Arabian horses has been the opportunity to develop a wonderful friendship with Greg and Julie Farrell. In my case, the horses have brought us together across ten thousand miles."

Harry Cooper | USA
Seehorse Video

"First of all, I really can’t express adequately how much I appreciate what the Farrells have done for the Arabian horse industry—not only in Australia, but worldwide. They give back so much to this industry in so many ways that many people will never know—they are true breeders and are totally committed to the Arabian horse.
The fact that they USE their horses under saddle is so vitally important. They have shown clearly that you can have a beautiful Arabian horse that is also an athlete. So many breeding programs are only chasing a “portrait” horse that is not functional at all. The Arabian horse was forged in the desert as an extraordinary athlete in the harshest of conditions. We cannot lose the functional aspect of what makes these horses unique among all breeds and the Farrells are insuring their horses are functional as well as beautiful. And have done so for generations..."

Cindy Reich | USA
International Judge & Consultant

"I have met few people over the years that have the depth of commitment and passion as Greg, Julie and Jane. Their care for their horses and the integrity they operate with personally and professionally is absolutely impeccable and on every visit I have made to Mulawa, both farms to be exact, creates a comfort and enjoyment level as you simply sink into the goodness all around you. I look forward to going back to the Land of Oz. Bravo Mulawa, Bravo!”

David Boggs | USA
Midwest Training Center


"The Farrells have been breeding great horses for a long time. I admire their dedication and support of the breed. We recently purchased two incredible horses for Al Mohamadia Stud from the Mulawa program and couldn't be happier!"

Dr. Bruce McCrea | Saudi Arabia
Al Mohamadia Stud

"The Farrells have been producing amazing horses for decades, and in the last few years the Mulawa vision has proven its competitiveness on the world stage. I truly love Australia, but I’m not sure the long plane ride would be nearly as tolerable if I wasn’t photographing such beautiful animals, owned by such wonderful people, in the most amazing country. A trip Down Under, with a ‘must-see’ stop at Mulawa, should be on EVERYONE’s bucket list!"

Stuart Vesty | USA
Equine Photographer Extraordinnaire

“It was an unforgettable experience to fly to the ‘other side of the world’ and meet the wonderful Farrell Family! The breeding program at Mulawa Arabian Stud, now several generations strong, is one of the best in terms of quality anywhere in the world. Type, balance, structural correctness and athletic ability are prevalent not only in all the show horses, but especially in the breeding horses at Alabama. Klass is leading the way for Mulawa with his many world-class offspring, especially his exceptionally beautiful daughters. The best for Klass and Mulawa is still to come!"

Renata Schibler | Switzerland
International Judge & Breeder

"I was invited for my first trip to Mulawa just recently. I was going just to get to know and understand the breeding program that they have developed. It was not a buying trip, just to learn more about them, especially if at some point Atbah and Mulawa would do some breeding cooperation together. I was not very familiar with the mare lines and some of the sires they use, particularly the ones they stand themselves. I must say, I was very impressed, particularly with KLASS, who is a very elegant, classic stallion. Going through the pastures and seeing all the horses, it was quite easy to pick out the KLASS daughters! In short, meeting the Farrell family on this short trip was very impressive for me. They have a great knowledge about the horses and their own breeding program. My plan is to try and visit them on a yearly basis to continue to learn, and to see how they improve their great program."

Ward Bemong | Saudi Arabia
Athbah Stud

"On my last visit to Australia, I had the chance to visit Mulawa Arabian Stud. It is of course a beautiful horse facility, set in a wonderful rolling landscape. But most of all I was impressed by the overall quality of the horses. I saw extremely good bodied horses, with harmony and balance and with fantastic movement. For some of them, I would gladly have a free box stall in my own barn! Many of the Mulawa-bred horses could easily participate successfully at Aachen and in Paris. They are definitely world-class horses. I hope one day to visit the farm again to see the newest generations of Mulawa."

Koenraad Detailleur | Belgium
International Judge & Breeder

"My visit to Mulawa, to both the principal farm in Sydney as well as the breeding center at Alabama near Scone, was an amazing experience. The Farrell Family is the kind of breeder and owner that I wish we would see more often in our Arabian horse world: dedicated, loving and fair. I have a tremendous amount of respect and gratitude for them and all that continue to do for the Arabian horse. It gives me great joy to see the Mulawa horses achieving internationally, as they deserve every bit of success. I can see a long and successful road ahead for Mulawa, the Farrell Family and their wonderful Arabian horses. I soon hope to visit again very soon!"

Bart Van Buggenhout | USA
Al Jassimya Farm



"Mulawa Arabians is a must-see breeding program. The Farrells have absolutely mastered the art of breeding and are consistently creating some outstanding horses with a perfect blend of type, conformation and sound minds. Mulawa is one of the few places in the world to see such a great combination of these attributes. The Farrells are truly the most gracious people I have ever had the pleasure to meet in the Arabian horse world. They are always willing to generously share their knowledge with you. It has been a highlight of my life to visit the Farrells, their beautiful farm and their very special horses."

Sandro Pinha | USA
Arabians International


"I am blessed to have visited Mulawa Arabian Stud a couple of months ago. I have admired the Farrells’ breeding program for a long time. It was amazing to witness the wise decisions made through the years, and the love and respect they have for the Arabian breed, which has enabled them to create the fantastic group of horses they have today. I trust the knowledge and expertise of the people on Team Mulawa to keep producing top-quality show and breeding horses. There is no doubt that the "MI" horses will continue to make a significant contribution to the breed worldwide, with a lasting legacy of importance. "

Olivia Strauch | Uruguay
Las Rosas Arabians

"To visit Mulawa was great - incredible people and horses. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality, as it was my first visit to Australia. I was like a kid in DisneyWorld!! Incredible time - I am honoured to have had this time with Mulawa. It was a great experience - thank you so much!"

Rodolfo Guzzo | Brazil
Guzzo Arabian Training

"If there is horse heaven on earth outside of Poland, it must be Mulawa. Having worked for the annual Polish sale since 1999, this is not a declaration I make lightly. Greg, Julie and Jane Farrell have developed Mulawa Stud into a world-class breeding program, where their passion for the Arabian is only matched by their integrity and compassion for the animals in their care."

Jeff Wintersteen | USA
Arabian Horse World