Mulawa Facilities

If there is a heaven on earth for horses, Mulawa is undoubtedly the principal address. Spread across multiple properties in prime locations in both New South Wales & Tasmania, the comprehensive scope of the operation is simultaneously ambitious, efficient, enterprising, equine friendly and impressively all-encompassing. Nowhere else on earth outside of royally affiliated stables or any of the nationalized state studs is the Arabian horse bred and raised on such a grand scale or with such self-sufficiency and attention to detail.
Mulawa has evolved and grown over the years to become an all encompassing equine facility, designed and dedicated to the breeding, nurturing, training and all around well being of our beloved horses. The predominant atmosphere at each property is one of peaceful calm and orderly efficiency. Each property is more specifically dedicated to one aspect of the farms endeavours, and have been developed not as showcases but in order to best serve the needs of both the horses and our small but dedicated team who care for them. Each has been created with the psychological and physiological well being and comfort of the horse in mind.
The Mulawa of today is an impressive operation of world-class scope and scale, encompassing almost 2000 acres on five farms in three separate locations in two Australian states, full service training and breeding facilities, and a herd of approximately 200 purebred Arabian horses. The main Mulawa operation is based in Berrilee, New South Wales, just 45 minutes mostly north and slightly west of Sydney’s central business district in the beautifully verdant Hills Shire region and only a few kilometres away from the renowned Berowra Waters, is comprised of two farms on opposite sides of Bay Road: the primary halter training and young horse handling facility referred to as Mulawa central; and the more expansive Ambition, which encompasses the principal performance training operation, spacious stallion paddocks, and generous turn-out yards for growing saddle prospects, all backing on to Ku-ring-Gai Chase National Park.
The main breeding facility, which houses the entire Mulawa broodmare band, the active chief sires and the herd of growing youngstock from weaning through three years of age, is located in Aberdeen, New South Wales, just over 250 km north of the main Mulawa and Ambition properties in heart of the continents’s prime thoroughbred country near Scone, the Horse Capital of Australia. Retaining the original names of the once famous racehorse breeding facilities, the properties of Alabama and Cronk Coar were purchased as divisions of Mulawa Arabian Stud in 2007, with both subjected to extensive renovations and refencing to create the premier Arabian breeding facility on the continent, as well as one of the most modern, efficient and horse-friendly facilities in the region.
Retired broodmares and show horses enjoy a permanent holiday at the heritage property of Belle Vue amidst the idyllic rural backdrop of Tasmania. Most of these incredibly fortunate equines are required only occasionally to provide recreation for visiting tourists as horseback riding mounts at the nearby Country Club, one of the many successful resorts owned and managed by the family’s Federal Group and based on the island.

To learn more about the facilities that make up the comprehensive Mulawa operation, please click on the images or links below to discover the natural beauty of Australia, the perfect environment in which to raise the Arabian horse.

Berrilee | NSW

Berrilee | NSW

Aberdeen | NSW
Epping Forest | TAS