Proudly Owned by Nicole & Damien Henricus ~ DaMar Arabians | QLD

Root Sire Line: SAKLAWI I or. Ar. (1886)
Bred by the Ruala Tribe - Anazeh Bedouin | Arabian Peninsula

Tail Female Dam Line: SZWEYKOWSKA (~1800)
Bred by Slawuta Stud - Prince Roman Sanguszko | Poland

Fifth-Generation Mulawa-Bred Gold Champion

Member of the TRUE LOVE Family

The incontrovertible TRUTH – exuding superlative type, quality, structure and athleticism, this iconic Arabian stallion on the rise is one of Australia’s most promising sires and show horses. 

As a premier son of ALLEGIANCE MI, Australia’s leading sire of international and national champions, TRUTH is heir to the most successful sire line in the Arabian breed, that of the legendary Straight Egyptian sire NAZEER through his phenomenally influential succession of male descendants: ASWAN-PATRON-PADRON-PADRONS PSYCHE-MAGNUM PSYCHE. TRUTH’s connection to these breed legends is via his paternal grandsire – MAGNUM FORTY FOUR – Mulawa’s former chief sire who left an astounding legacy in Australia over his decade at stud. Honoured as Australia’s most successful sire of show and breeding horses in the new millennium on several occasions, MAGNUM FORTY FOUR left behind an invaluable collection of daughters who are raising the standard of excellence both at home in Australia and within the breed worldwide. Through ALLEGIANCE MI, who continues to elevate possibilities for the breed far beyond that of his celebrated sire, TRUTH is heir apparent to one of the most universally admired and respected collection of sires in the modern Arabian breed.

Most impressively, TRUTH is blessed with yet another vital link to NAZEER on the distaff side of his pedigree, through the equally famous and globally dominant branch of MORAFIC-SHAIKH AL BADI-RUMINAJA ALI-ANAZA EL FARID-GAZAL AL SHAQAB-MARWAN AL SHAQAB. TRUTH’s maternal grandsire, multi-champion RHR MARCEDES, is a highly respected son of the Living Legend himself – three-time World Champion MARWAN AL SHAQAB – unquestionably the leading global sire of significance over the last two decades.

TRUTH’s dam, the US-bred DM MARCEDES TRUE LOVE, has earned Aristocrat Dam status as an esteemed Mulawa matron, having produced several superlative show horses that have earned the highest distinctions in Australia, including KRUSADE MI, TRUTH MI & TREND MI. Her dam, GR KATALINA, contributes further genetic excellence with crosses to the legendary PADRONS PSYCHE, the respected BASK son NEGATRAZ, and a Pure Polish dam line tracing directly to family foundress SZWEYKOWSKA, source of Michałów’s world-famous ‘W’ family of champions that includes WARRANTY, WADIM, WIZJA & WIEŻA MOCY.

This illustrious heritage is made manifest in TRUTH in the best possible combination of genetics. From MAGNUM FORTY FOUR, TRUTH is blessed with exceptional quality and refinement, with an outstanding coat, black vascular skin and an undeniable presence. The trademark 44 eyes – large, dark and full of wisdom and soul – are also present in TRUTH, as is the well-coupled balanced silhouette. From MARWAN, TRUTH inherits that fantastic forehand that has revolutionised the breed, with an incredibly long, upright neck with physics-defying elasticity through the throat. Like all the great MARWAN descendants, TRUTH is a consummate show horse, intelligent, eager to please and always ready to perform at his best. From his maternal lineage, TRUTH illuminates the natural athleticism of his heritage, with substance, strength and versatility, and a robust build designed to endure.       

Having already proven himself a dominant force in the show ring as East Coast Champion, Queensland Challenge Supreme Champion and unanimous Australian National Gold Champion, TRUTH has begun his most important endeavour as chief sire at DaMar Arabians for Nicole and Damien Henricus. The future is incredibly bright for this sensational stallion. We look forward to every undeniable moment of TRUTH along the way…    


  • Australian National Champion Senior Stallion | unanimous | 2023
  • QLD Challenge Champion Senior Arabian Stallion | 2022
  • QLD Challenge Supreme Champion Arabian Male Exhibit | 2022
  • Australian National Gold Champion Junior Colt | unanimous | 2019
  • East Coast Champion Junior Colt | 2019
  • National Stud Show Champion Junior Colt | 2018