Proudly Owned by Kim Wilkinson | New Zealand

Tail Female Dam Line: MILORDKA (~1810)
Bred by Slawuta Stud - Prince Roman Sanguszko | Poland

Fifth-Generation Mulawa-Bred Champion

Member of the LLC BRIANA Family

One of the best daughters of Mulawa supersire ALLEGIANCE MI, BRYANNE MI represents the promising blend of a classic Mulawa pedigree with the most celebrated bloodlines from overseas.

As a daughter of ALLEGIANCE MI, BRYANNE benefits from the incomparable legacy of MAGNUM FORTY FOUR, KARMAA, EUNI & AMBITION, pillars of the Mulawa program that have influenced breeding programs and record-breaking success around the world. In the past decade, the exceptional collection of ALLEGIANCE daughters has grown selectively to include: three-time Australian National Gold Champion VENECIA MI, All Nations Cup Gold Champion VENICE MI, Dubai International Gold Champion A VISION MI, Scottsdale & Canadian National Champion MADORA MI, East Coast Champion MI MARIE, and Australian National Gold Champions VIENNA MI & I ADORE MI.

BRYANNE MI is a full sister to both the effortlessly effervescent Victorian Classic Champion BEYONCE MI and the exotically feminine BREE MI beloved mares that have been retained by Mulawa to grow the LLC BRIANA Family within the programme. A Scottsdale Signature Auction Champion Yearling Filly against several of the top young mares in the breed, LLC BRIANA is the stunning combination of her classically commanding sire - twice US National Champion PYRO THYME SA - and her soul-inspiring dam - the esteemed Aristocrat RD FABREANNA. With an impressive record of ten champion produce to her credit, RD FABREANNA is universally acknowledged as one of the leading broodmatrons in the breed, with multi-international champions DONNA MOLTA BELLA SRA, LLC FASARIO, RD AMBIANNA & LLC FABRIZIO at the forefront of her maternal success.

Both of BRYANNE's full sisters, BEYONCE & BREE, are proven dams of champion daughters. The latest superstar from this family is BALLET MI (MI Klassique x Bree MI), the reigning Australian National Champion Yearling Filly, an ultra-exotic, reliably dynamic filly that respresents great promise for the Mulawa programme moving forward.

Time and time again, BRYANNE has proven her ability as a show horse of supreme talent, always brining her trot, tail carriage and attitude to the show ring in abundance. As twice North Island Supreme Champion, as well as New Zealand National Champion, she has earned iconic status in Australasia as a show mare of the highest possible calibre.

Buoyed by the excellence of ALLEGIANCE MI and RD FABREANNA, as well as her enviable show record and proven production record of her full sisters, the future is bright and full of promise for BRYANNE MI...

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Kelly Mason
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  • New Zealand National Champion Senior Mare | 2022
  • North Island Championships Senior Champion Mare | 2022
  • North Island Championships Supreme Champion Arabian Exhibit | 2022
  • North Island Championships Breeders Sweepstakes Champion | 2020
  • North Island Championships Senior Champion Mare | 2020
  • North Island Championships Supreme Champion Arabian Exhibit | 2020
  • AHAQ Summer Show Reserve Champion Arabian Mare | 2019
  • East Coast Top Five Champion Broodmare | 2019
  • QLD Challenge State Champion Broodmare | 2019

Family Mares in Residence

LLC BRIANA (Pyro Thyme SA × RD Fabreanna) 2009 Bay Purebred Arabian Mare
BEYONCE MI (ALLEGIANCE MI × LLC BRIANA) 2013 Grey Purebred Arabian Mare
BREE MI (ALLEGIANCE MI × LLC BRIANA) 2013 Chestnut Purebred Arabian Mare
BALLET MI (MI KLASSIQUE × BREE MI) 2020 Grey Purebred Arabian Mare